Treating Lower Back Pain Through Massage Therapy

CR-Health-InlineHero-Best-Safest-Ways-to-Relieve-Pain-11-18For people with mild to moderate low back pain, a supervised exercise and massage therapy program may very well be enough to treat chronic symptoms. The goal of these programs is to strengthen the muscles of your back and the areas that support your back  and teach you how to do everyday activities, like lifting and bending, without hurting yourself.

If you have chronic, severe low back pain, it helps to see a team of experts that can include your regular doctor, an orthopedic doctor, and a massage therapist. All of these specialists have experience in treating chronic pain, including our knowledgeable and experienced therapists.

It’s important to care for not only your body, but also to keep your mind active and positive. Get together with friends, go to the movies, or take a walk in a favorite place. Do things that move your attention away from the pain, to uplifted, happy states of mind. Both exercise and happy thoughts and experiences will trigger the release of endorphins, natural chemicals that prevent nerve cells from releasing more pain signals.

Relaxation therapies like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and therapeutic massage can teach you how to ease the muscle tension that’s contributing to your situation. Exercise is actually good for managing low back pain and stress for many people. Work with your practitioners to come up with a comfortable level of physical activity and an exercise regimen.

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