Taking Time for Yourself

images60OI9Y5H‘Quiet space is incredibly important to me these days. I like my quiet mornings where I can drink a nice tea, meditate, write, as the day grows light and the kids are sleeping. I like quiet on my runs and long walks, so that I can process my ideas, give my thoughts some space, reflect on my life.

The quiet space I allow myself has made possible my writing, but also all the improvements I’ve made to my life: healthier eating, the exercise habit, bodywork, meditation, de-cluttering, procrastinating less….

The quiet space allows me to be more conscious about my actions and gives me the time to consider whether what I’m doing is how I want to live my life.’ ~ Leo Babauta, writer

Mystic Color Salon and Spa is a nourishing and healing quiet space in this world of noise, rushing, and distraction. Take time out for yourself—to reduce stress in your body and create a life with more peacefulness, reflection, and balance. You will be grateful.

About Mystic Color Salon & Spa

We are a full service salon and spa located in downtown Mystic, CT. Come to us for all your hair and nail needs, as well as gel nails, massage, facials, waxing, airbrush/traditional makeup and spray tanning.

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