Deep Tissue Massage at Mystic Color Salon and Spa

At Mystic Color Salon and Spa we practice clinical Deep Tissue Massage, in order to clarify the unique benefits offered through this modality.

Clinical Deep Tissue bodywork works through tension, layer by layer, reaching the deeper muscles where persistent discomfort can be released. Much of the work is focused on bringing the body back into balance by working on the fascia—the soft tissue component of the connective tissue system of the body. The work is usually localized, and the client must be relaxed to permit the practitioner to work deeply. The pressure starts lightly, but progresses to the deepest level the client can tolerate. This approach can be either corrective or generally therapeutic.

Clinical Deep Tissue bodywork targets specific areas of concern to alleviate symptoms of nerve impingement, muscle tears and sprains, and chronic muscular pain. It has been found effective in treating chronic pain, muscle adhesions (muscle fibers that stick together creating a knot or nodule), whiplash, neck and lower back pain, sciatica, and circulatory problems. Contact us at Mystic Color Salon and Spa for a great deep tissue massage at 860 -415-4521. Email is also available at

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We use CT licensed professional massage therapists. We offer an hour long massage. You may also request longer massages. We offer a soothing hot stone massage you won’t soon forget. We specialize in deep tissue massage. If you have stress, problem areas, we offer relaxation massage. If your just looking for a soothing massage we also offer swedish.

We have several therapists and generally can find the right massage therapist for your needs no matter what massage your looking for. Plan your weekend accordingly we accommodate most times you’d like to schedule your massage. If you’d like to come as a couple ,please do, we have plenty of regular clients that come together because they love our massage therapists. We continually ask which ones they’d like to book with and repeatedly we hear “all the massage therapists you have are great”. Experience it for yourself or your significant other. See you soon!